By Guest Blogger:  JOAN BERMAN.  

Luck is so powerful in our lives,  yet so often we choose to ignore it!

Around five years ago, one of the luckiest events of my life occurred! I encountered Jane Signorelli and her fabulous jewelry while shopping in San Francisco.  Jane was having a trunk show in a highly regarded store on Union Square.  I could not believe my eyes and when I tried on the pieces: they took my breath away!  I needed to own this magnificent wearable art.  The stones are beautiful beyond description and often times paired with fossils, wood, pearls, small artifacts or whatever Jane feels is the appropriate energy to pair with her in-process creation, giving each piece a very elegant yet organic look! Jane's work draws you want to study and feel each piece.  The design and workmanship of each piece is incomparable!  

Since my first encounter with Jane (where I purchased several piece, both casual to dressy), I have become a collector.  Each day, I put on something from my "Jane" collection, and each day I receive multiple compliments....from men and women equally!  Jane's pieces give me energy. I love to put on one of Jane's stunners with an LBD ( little black dress)!  Believe me, no one notices the dress!  The truth is, Jane 's pieces can be worn with everything -- jeans to black tie!

Jane has cleverly designed her pendants so that they hook on to her very attractive collars....which are made of various beads, pearls, leather, silver, rubber or wood. This is brilliant because it gives the fortunate owner total flexibility! On trips, I take 3 or 4 collars and several pendants.  I am set for the trip and the compliments roll in!

I mentioned luck....but owning Jane's stunning pieces mean far more than that to me!  Jane and her wonderful husband, Ron, have become dear friends over these years.  So much so that we like to spend time together on Cape Cod and In Arizona each year....just being friends!  But rest assured, as the beautiful Jane arrives, I am known to buy the piece of jewelry she is wearing right off her neck!!

Lucky? No, I am blessed!!

A peek at part of Joan's Jane Signorelli Collection: