Guidemore Chigama

I was so excited to meet Guidemore Chigama, as I had bought several pieces of his work on previous trips to Cape Town. And when we decided to launch Inspired Luxe, I knew that I wanted to feature his work on the site.

When I went on a buying trip to Cape Town earlier this year, the first stop I made was to the shop where I had bought his work to see if I could get his contact information. No luck. 

But as fate would have it, his booth was literally right behind the booth of my good friend who I was helping launch her new product line (more on that later). Wow! I bought his entire collection before the doors even opened to rest of the buyers. In fact, I had to wait until after they were featured in a fashion show before he could even pack them up for me. So Inspired Luxe is proud to bring you straight from the runways of Cape Town—Guidemore!

“Engineering feats.” “Architectural wonders.” Those are the expressions that come to mind when I think of Guidemore’s work (which I guess is appropriate since he is a trained architect, from Zimbabwe, who started making jewelry to support his family when he couldn’t find work as an engineer). I marvel at his beautiful constructions: they drape; they hang; they pivot; they swing. Suspended glory—wear one and you feel the power and the energy in each piece, in charge and uniquely you (since no two pieces are alike).

In contemplating his work further, I would characterize Guidemore as the “Frank Gehry” of jewelry design. Why Frank Gehry? His work undulates, is organic, intelligent and stands on its own, cutting a unique swath through any landscape fortunate enough to be graced by his work. Frank Gehry said, “What bugs me are these…rules that my profession has, as to what fits and what doesn’t. There is a certain threatening aspect to taking a leap, but once you try that… you can’t stop.” 

I would say that is certainly true with Guidemore Chigama. Guidemore takes a leap, time and time again. Like Frank Gehry, Guidemore’s work shows a respect for the elements; there is energy in each piece, it’s organic and the foundation of each piece is so natural. And like Frank Gehry, Guidemore can’t stop.

Take a few moments to hear him in his own words and see his work in the fashion show I had to wait on to get his work to bring it to you. Again, straight from the runways of Cape Town to you—we introduce you to Guidemore Chigama.

Enjoy the visuals and tell us what you think? But, truly, his work has be experienced. Own a piece today.

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