We're Glocal Because You Are


Glocal ˈglōkəl/  -  Adjective “reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations”

We remain committed to that search, wherever it may take us around the world—on our walks through local neighborhoods and journeys through cities and towns domestically and internationally—for handcrafted artisanal luxury goods accessible for every budget, and every body, every day.

The stars seem to be aligning around a key part of Inspired Luxe’s mission: to help connect cultural dots:

  • We are showcasing beautiful artisanal crafts from South Africa, just when South Africa is in spotlight again with Miss South Africa, Rolene Strauss, just being crowned Miss World 2014.
  • The word “culture” itself has been named “word of the year” by Merriam-Webster dictionary.
  • People, regardless of color, are locking arms against social injustice.
  • Even before launch, we are educating, enlightening and exposing friends, family and the curious about the artisanal beauty being handcrafted by little-known designers from big cities and small cities around the world.

It all serves as positive affirmation that as the world gets more and more interconnected, you are defined less by the color of your skin and more by your passions and interests.

This seems to be especially true when it comes to one’s style aesthetic. We had fun going through the sign-ups on our landing page to see how many of you considered yourself Bochic, Boho Chic, Bohemian, Exotic, Tribal, Tropical, Urban Safari, Gypset, Wanderlust, Western, Warrior Princess, World Beat, Traditional, Magpie, Kinetic, Avant-garde, Artsy versus just Crafty. And how many of you ticked all the boxes! I would include myself in the “All of the Above” category too. The great thing about InspiredLuxe.com is that you can find something to fit your every mood, and budget.

We look forward to bringing you 24/7 the “best of the best” in handcrafted luxury goods from around the globe.  And we look forward to getting your feedback, and to you sharing with us your stories about your great finds in your personal travels.

Welcome to Inspired Luxe, where the journey is all about the individual YOU and the universal US!

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