Dear Friends, Family and Fans of the "Inspired Luxe" lifestyle,

What a privilege it was to kick off the Holiday season at one of the White House Christmas parties. The occasion was special not only because I got to experience the gracious hospitality of the President and First Lady (who, as always, looked amazing and wore the perfect dress for the occasion), marvel at the beautiful decorations that decked out the East Wing, but also because I got to express my gratitude to the public servants in attendance who strive to make the world a better place each and every day.

I wore a necklace created by South Africa-based artisan Guidemore Chigama, whose work you will find featured on inspireluxe.com right now (got tons of compliments on it; so if you like his unique creations, I would encourage you to “buy now”!). Among others, I met for the first time the stunningly beautiful, uber-talented designer Rachel Roy, whom we hope to feature on Inspired Luxe.

By now, most of you are knee-deep in Holiday Season festivities. For us, in addition to pushing to get Inspired Luxe launched, it has been a time when we have taken out moments to reflect on all of the many people whom we have to be thankful for in our lives—people like each of you. We have been highly motivated by your support, your encouragement and the interest you've expressed in what we’re doing by signing up to "take the journey" with us.

We invite you, as part our Inspired Luxe family, to preview and test the site. While we are still weeks away from having all the launch products and visuals loaded (we are adding more artisans daily—especially in the jewelry category), we need your feedback now regarding ease of navigating the site. We welcome your feedback on the functionality of all of the click-throughs, and other  suggestions you would like to give us in advance of our planned February 2015 official launch. We want to be the best we can be, because of YOU—our discerning family, friends and fans, and hopefully, customers.

Like us, I am sure that you are also busy buying or trying to figure out what to buy to show your love and appreciation in the forms of gifts and other thoughtful gestures. Know that even though we are in the quiet phase, we are open for business. In fact, your purchasing activity will provide a critical source of enormously beneficial feedback in ensuring that we deliver 100% of the time a first-rate shopping and fulfillment experience.  Hopefully, in browsing and critically assessing InspiredLuxe.com, you will find something to adorn yourself with, to gift to those on your shopping list, or to put on your wish list for others to buy for you.

Again, on behalf of the incredible Inspired Luxe team whom I am blessed to work with, "Thank You" for your support and Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season!

We look forward to serving you.


Warm regards,

Denise Bradley-Tyson
Founder & CEO
Inspired Luxe


  • Posted by Alitash Kebede on

    I am delighted and impressed. I have only been on your site a few minutes, but I love what I
    have experienced already and look forward to shopping at Inspired Luxe and share the news.

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