The Perfect Summer Carry-All

One of my favorite pieces here on Inspired Luxe is the Tita bag by Lulu K Designs based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lulu K Designs are a range of colorful, handmade crochet bags and accessories created from cabling, ornate twines (two or more strands of yarn - wool, hemp, cotton, nylon, etc. - twisted together) and rows and rows of chain stitches. These bags present a fresh, contemporary look at crocheting and African craft and design.  Not only are the bags expertly crafted, but they also get high marks for women's empowerment - enabling several local women to move from their homes doing part-time knitting and crocheting into full-time jobs, such as Maggie Adam, whose story you can hear on Inspired Luxe.

lulu K, Tita bag


The Tita bag is perfect as a light summer carry-all to showcase during your stay at Martha's Vineyard, vacationing on your favorite beach, weekend shopping at the local farmers market, or even lugging all of your stuff during the work week.


And as an added bonus, each bag comes with a colorful slipcover. The Tita bag is available in a variety of colors and ready to ship to your door now.

At Inspired Luxe, we are excited to be presenting to you the work of artisans from around the globe.



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