Jewelry Designer Masha Archer - I HEAR A SYMPHONY

'Tis the Season of Culture: Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Museum Exhibitions and Galas!  All of which naturally raise the question of "what to wear?":  Do I "Shop my own closet" or "Do I purchase a new dress or gown for the occasion"?

Whatever your answer to that question is, Masha Archer's spectacular "operatic" pieces are the perfect complement to finish off your outfit.  And because each of her pieces is one-of-a-kind, it eliminates the stress of wondering if someone will be wearing your same dress, because even if they are, your Masha Archer necklace will make your outfit a standout!

They almost sing when you wear them and call out to anyone who sees them.  I should know.  As a "test" to get potential customer feedback, I recently wore a couple of her beautiful pieces that you can purchase on to a fabulous conference attended by corporate leaders and board directors from around the country and then to an amazing private concert featuring John Legend (whose music "I get lifted" by every time I hear it) and in both cases,  Masha Archer's pieces were showstoppers and conversation starters which garnered endless compliments.

Inspired by music -- opera in particular, Masha says  "I see melodies and repetition of themes in these pieces  and I work to achieve certain  harmonies and mother transmitted to me the idea that colors are to be 'heard' in groups as a melody and the same notes and the same colors that combine differently and recombine perpetually with each other produce entirely different music."


Note that it is almost 1/2-hour long, but you can pause if you need to step away and come back later.  It is definitely worth watching.

However, before you watch the video, you might want to shop her collection Masha Archer because each of these magnificent pieces is unique and one-of-a-kind -- which means once it's gone, it's gone.  So if you see a piece you like, buy it now.  



Hear from one of Masha's collectors, Yvette Hollingsworth, on what makes her pieces so unique and inspiring in the blog post, Masha! Masha! Masha! Confident, Unique, Bold -- The Authentic Professional. 


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