An Interview with Elle South Africa Fashion Director Tarryn Oppel

Indeed, San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Carolyne Zinko captured the essence of what one of our key drivers is when she said in her June 11, 2015 article that "Inspired Luxe site crafts commerce with a conscience."

Inspired Luxe is passionate about supporting ethical fashion and social entrepreneurship. The site wants to help online shoppers “look good while doing good” by supporting artisans and brands that make a difference in the lives of others and in the communities where they are based. We think we did that with the selection of artisans whose work is featured here. 

Why start with Africa? As Africa is the birthplace of all of Humanity – it seemed like the absolute right place to start. Specifically, we chose South Africa because one of my dearest friends, who has been living there for over ten years, told me about a trade show there that I had to attend. Thus, the journey began. And Wow!, was she right: the creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and passion I saw in the products and the artisans I met made the choice very easy. 

Thus, we celebrate Africa, starting with South Africa, and its traditions and the crafters and artisans who carry those traditions forward and reinterpret them for today's consumers.  Moreover, we celebrate Africa as a source of endless inspiration and its enduring impact on artisans around the globe as we begin our journey around the world of Inspired Luxe. 

Among the wonderful people I had the opportunity to sit down with while in Cape Town earlier this year was Tarryn Oppel, the Fashion and Accessories Editor of Elle South Africa. Check out our interview with her as she talks about her design aesthetic and inspirations. 





  • Posted by Rosie Tyson on

    II am sound proud of you, I love the interviews with the fashion designers

  • Posted by Rosie Tyson on

    i am so proud of you. I love the layout.

  • Posted by Rosie Tyson on

    i am so proud of you. I love the layout.

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