4 Ideas for Dressing Up Jeans

Figuring out how to wear jeans might not be the most difficult style challenge, but the thing is they often seem so one-dimensional. No matter what you pair them with, the effect seems largely the same: plain, undone and dare we say it… boring?

But not all hope is lost! There are ways to reinvent the wheel. In fact, we’ve come up with four genius ways to wear jeans right now that we guarantee will make a statement.

Below are some quick tips for your jeans conundrum!

  1. Add statement heels. Ditch those flats and add some height! Heels instantly add a dressed factor to your outfits. That casual look will completely turn around.
  1. Chose a bold piece of jewelry. We love this custom handcrafted cuff ! Its unique design is really eye-catching. Re cuff, make sure you feature one that hasn’t been featured
  1. Choose a bold, beautiful scarf (Kivu scarf) It adds a functional dramatic edge to your outfit that’s perfect for a candlelit dinner or a night on the town.
  1. Grab a new handcrafted purse and you’re out the door! This is a dress up must! Click here to check out our latest clutches and purses. Same with purse – may have NEW ONE


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