Hands Bags & Purses You Can Wear All Year Long

Artisan handbags and handcrafted purses are awesome. Not only do they carry our essentials, they also pull together our look and easily upgrade our wardrobe. Unfortunately, it's hard to find ones that will work for all occasions.

 Maybe that's why the average woman owns about 21 handbags and buys a new one every three months or so! Since both handbags and purses can cost a couple of hundred dollars, and much, much more, you want to make sure your investment is worth it.

 So, here's how to find the kinds of handbags that: won't kill your shoulders, fit you well, and have that happy marriage between great looks and practicality.

 Style and Purpose

 The first thing you should consider is when and how you'll use your next handbag. What will you carry in it? What outfits will you wear it with? How will you actually wear it?

 Looking for an everyday bag for walking around the city, you might prefer the Okapi - Ayesha Purse! This sleek cross body bag is perfectly crafted in an elegant and unique style. This versatile design features an adjustable shoulder allowing it to be worn cross body and making it the perfect bag to carry your daily essentials. lightweight cross-body bag rather than a leather satchel with short handles.

 For date night, you might choose a classic shoulder bag that's roomy enough, perhaps, to carry a small tablet or paperwork. Our Okapi - Lamia Purse; which is the most structured of the Okapi bags, the Lamia is the ideal day to night solution making every outfit effortlessly professional and contemporary. Crafted in Okapi's own Blesbok leather.

 Add COAST & KOI tote: this upcycled chic tote is a great bargain. Another great South African handmade find, it is perfect for the gym, yoga studio, spin class or the grocery store.


Whichever one you choose (and you know, we usually choose many), your handbags should be a thing of beauty and a source of joy for you. Invest in quality ones you love and they'll last you many seasons, or even a lifetime. Check out all our handbags and purses by clicking here!