How to Pick an Outfit That Will Make You Feel Amazing

What we love about art-inspired fashion is it’s a form of self-expression which gives people an insight into your personality.


Here at Inspired Luxe, we believe fashion is supposed to be fun, inspiring, and usually head-turning! Below are three approaches we feel are key to looking great and feeling amazing.


  1. Find what colors work best for you.

Your personal coloring profile is determined by your skin, eye and hair color. Choose the colors which flatter you by creating color harmony with your personal coloring. Our collection of custom handmade jewelry provides our customers with a global color palate so you can find your perfect hue.


  1. Consider your shape.

Not everybody needs to be the same size or proportion, but dressing in ways that flatter your unique shape can help you confidently strut your stuff. Whether you’re a pear or an apple shape, short or tall, dressing for your shape makes all the difference. Add a shawl (PUT LINK HERE), necklace (put link here) or bracelet (put link here) – they work with every body type!


  1. Know Your Comfort Level. 

Nothing is worse than being caught out in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you can’t move, sit and or walk comfortably in your clothes you will look awkward in the outward appearance and will constantly fuss about your outfit rather than being able to enjoy other activities. We recommend wearing a new artisan shawl because it provides tons of comfort and can be accessorized with almost anything.


Ralph Lauren wisely said: “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” So, the next time you reach for those popular handcrafted earrings USE WORD “FAVORITE” earrings  or those artfully crafted bangles, ask yourself how will that item make you feel.  Let’s discuss product links


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