Our Top Picks for Fall

Accessories are just that much more fun in the Fall.


There’s a lot of things we all adore about Autumn: the warm colors, cozy scents, the chilly breeze (or maybe not on the chilly breeze). One thing for sure, you can’t forget the the accessories to wrap around your fall warbrobes. Why? Non-stop pops of colors and muted tones to add to your layers, dreamy knits, chic statement pieces, mixing textures, soft pillowy dreamy fabrics, over-sized-get-lost-in-them silhouettes. They make styling that much more exciting, as you can create so much more when the temperatures drop and the rich colors are just begging to warm you up.


Below are some of our favorite accessories for this fall:


Bangle (Cream) with dark silver colored skulls: NO – CHANGE OUT TO THIS ONE WITH APPROPRIATE DESCRIPTION https://inspiredluxe.com/products/bangle-black-raven-with-hydro-quartz-multi-colored  With its myriad of colors, it compliments all of Fall’s rich color palette.

This beautiful one-of-kind resin handmade bangle has large multiple inset, semi-precious stones. Each artisan bangle has slight irregularities in the finish which are characteristics of these one-of-a-kind pieces


Two-Tone Cashmere Cape:

Capes are a top fall 2017 fashion trend. They come as part of coats, sweaters, on their own or every which way. They are fun and practical, lovely to look at and warm to wear out.


Okapi - Springbok Horn Necklace Pendant:

There seems to come no lull for pendants in recent jewelry trends, really, from ancient amulet and religious pendants to contemporary statement ones. This Springbok horn is one of Okapi's signature design feature and thought of as a good luck charm across Africa!


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