Our Top Picks for Winter

Every year when summer melts into fall, we admittedly get pretty excited to revamp our wardrobe. Don’t get us wrong, we love the easy, breezy fashion that comes with warm weather—but the cool, crisp autumn air just gives us so many options.


However, keeping up appearances isn't easy when it's practically freezing, but don't let the dreary weather totally spoil your style. While we've all experienced days where sweatpants are all we can manage to slip on, all it takes is a little art-inspired fashion to get us excited about clothes again.


So here it is, Our Top Picks for Winter:


  1. Blue jeans.

Whatever the de jour trend, the classic is boot-cut and navy denim is best. Go to a store that specializes in jeans, get fitted by a pro because the investment is worth it.  One recommendation: We LOVE the DVF/Levi’s collaboration – they represent artsy and sustainable fashion.


  1. Twinset, preferably cashmere. NO, USE SHAWLS/PONCHOS FROM WEBSITE

The cardigan knotted over the shell looks chic and tied over outerwear doubles as a cozy scarf.


  1. Shawls and blanket wool coats (see https://inspiredluxe.com/blogs/glocaljournal/30109315-baby-its-cold-outside-still -- feature her coats and maybe we can update based on Burberry “appropriating this design. Let’s discuss) .

Classic styling is important. The coat should be fitted, but loose enough to accommodate layers.


  1. Fabulous new artisan handbag.

Consider a bag an investment. Splurge on a colorful one to offset neutrals. For example, Okapi - Aziri Purse would be perfect because it comes in five different color options! You can mix and match with every outfit!


  1. Scarf

Go for a pattern for this item. Scarves can elevate any outfit, whether tucked into a top’s neckline or looped around a handbag’s handle. Like our Textile Mosaic Scarf – Black; which is made of small pieces of foiled and metallic fabrics which are then hand applied between two layers of translucent organza to form an abstract mosaic would be perfect to spice up your outfit! ß NO, this one more Holiday festive. NO, REPLACE WITH OTHER CASHMERE SCARVES OR SHAWLS FROM WEBSITE


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