Coreen Cordova

Coreen Cordova’s jewelry grabs your attention and never lets go! Her pieces are bold, dynamic, inspiring. Choose one, then add several more… and keep on going. The look becomes your look — but better than you ever imagined! Versatility is the cornerstone of Coreen’s work: A necklace becomes more than a necklace… wear it with the clasp in back as you would expect and start designing, or turn it around so that you can hang pendants from the toggle that’s now in the front. Or you might wrap it several times around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet. With so many options, you can have an entire wardrobe with just a few pieces. And what’s more, how you put it together makes your collection unique to just you!

Many people want to know what materials Coreen uses in her pendants and necklaces. Here is a list of some of the most common materials - Pendants: Agate; Agate w/Druzy; Batik Bone; Bone; Ceramic; Cinnabar; Coral; Horn; Howlite; Lacquer; Lapis; Mother of Pearl; Obsidian; Optic Glass; Picture Jasper; Pod; Red Jasper; Rose Quartz; Serpentine; Sodalite; Tiger Eye; Turquoise; Unakite; Walrus Tusk; Wood. Necklaces: Bone; Horn; African Wood w/Aluminum. Coreen is constantly finding new materials to work with, so while these are the most common, there are other materials that may be used.


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