Dogale Venezia

Located in Venice, Italy. Gioielleria Dogale Venezia is a family-run production since 1969 of blackamoors and other unique custom handmade  jewelry such as Vanitas skulls and Carnelian engraved jewels with opals. Dogale Venezia also manufactures rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, medals, earrings, pendants and many other jewels.

About the Blackamoors

The baroque Blackamoor brooches are products of the local goldsmith’s tradition, born from the original synthesis, which took place in Venice, of different cultural trends. The origins of the Blackamoors go back to ancient times, when the Saracen pirates plagued the Dalmatia’s coasts. During the Hellenistic age in Fiume (Istria), similar golden earrings with black and white enamel decorations were produced, having a talisman function. During the centuries of the Turkish invasions, the populations of the coasts always wore them and gave them to the churches as thanks for the avoided danger. So, the amulet came to Venice, not to exorcise sea attacks, but to represent the enslaved Turkish pirates. They have morphed into exquisite, highly-collectible treasures.

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