Choker - One Africa - Inspired Luxe
Choker - One Africa - Inspired Luxe

Choker - One Africa

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The profusion of beads featured in this bold design is an example of small beads making a strong statement.  The artist uses three large blue beads of recycled glass made in Ghana to draw the eye to front and center.  The myriad of beads is an assortment of glass and metal African trade beads, including a type of glass bead referred to as "Christmas Beads" from Ghana. Metal beads include: Baule brass rounds; silver metal Heishi beads from Kenya.  

Length: 25"

Inspiration: Effort of Tata Nelson Mandela to unite Africa.

Designed and handmade in Cape Town by Guidemore Chigama. Trained as an engineer in Zimbabwe, Guidemore is self-taught and produces necklaces laden with new patterns, colors and designs of his own. He uses recycled glass and old African trading beads as well as upcycling found and organic objects to create contemporary unique one-of-a-kind pieces.