Made in Z-A

 Made in Z-A was established in 2000 and has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting. In 2006 the company started mentoring the Izimbali Group of women from Soweto, South Africa – a self-help initiative creating employment for women.The accessories and jewelry, created using old buttons, are specifically designed using low tech methods so that the women can work from home in their own time and thereby avoid an expensive and time consuming work commute.

Recently, Made in Z-A has been working on collaboration with various designers such as Mano Christelis of Muzeum Creations. Christelis was born in South Africa of Greek parents. In the 1950’s Mano’s  father started a sweet (candy) factory and one of the biggest selling items  was the “lucky packet”.  Anyone brought up in South Africa or in fact everywhere in Southern Africa including Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique at that time will remember the "lucky packet".  The lucky packet was filled with a  wonderful  variety of sweets  and  cheap plastic novelties that never stopped amusing and amazing us.  Mano was brought up in this enviable  world  and the influence of the sweets, charms and trinkets are evident in his jewelry to  this day,  each piece being a sumptuous feast of wearable art.