On This Rock

Spirit-filled Jewelry Designed to Inspire.
On This Rock Spiritual Jewelry creates unique and timeless pieces that are inscribed with words or symbols of God's love. “As people put on my jewelry and contemplate the scripture or symbol it carries, I literally want them to feel they are arming themselves with the power of God's love,” says founder and designer Janet Hill Talbert.
About Designer Janet Hill Talbert
“I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature,” says New York designer Janet Hill Talbert. “During the summer of 1998 while on the beach in Nantucket I gathered several smooth stones that were precious in their simplicity. As I continued to walk, feeling the warm weight of the stones in my hands, I was overcome by a sense that one day I would make jewelry using these stones.”
And thus began an adventure that took Janet from her work in the “safe” corporate world of book publishing to follow her spiritual hunger. “It was a classic leap of faith,” says Janet. “It included a trip to Israel, the support and encouragement of my wonderful husband, and daring to take the many steps to make my calling a reality.” Living in New York allowed Janet to study her craft at the Jewelry Arts Institute and to continue her training at the Bianca Lopez Studio and the Fred deVos Wax Workshop.
Janet's spiritual jewelry collection centers around cuffs that she likes to think of as the kinder, gentler Wonder Woman bracelets. The words on each cuff offer encouragement and inspiration and often supply the boost one needs to handle the next task, or get over that next hurdle.
Designed in a classic and timeless style, many of the pieces are made in wax first and then cast, some are hand fabricated. All of the jewelry is made with love in the USA.