A symphony of precious fibres, craftsmanship, culture and design, Pashma has celebrated the good things in life for over a decade. 3684 meters above sea level- in the arid high altitude desert of Ladakh reside a tribe of Buddhist nomads – the Changpa tribe - whose primary occupation for the last 500 years has been to rear a relatively small herd of highly pedigree goats – the Changthama - that yield the finest and longest cashmere fibres. With an average fibre length of over 40 mm and an average diameter of under 14 microns, this is the finest cashmere in the world. By virtue of extremely selective breeding, the pedigree of the Changthama has been preserved across generations and has not been compromised to meet the demands of mass production. The cashmere fibres obtained from the Changthama goats are therefore infinitely superior to those obtained in abundance from cashmere goats from other parts of the world. Pashma pays tribute to this timeless tradition by presenting the ultimate Changpa Pashmina- a collection of sublime wraps in a range of exquisite weaves and textures in the natural colours of the cashmere fibre- undyed with minimal processing. In addition to the Changpa collection, the Pashma range features a curated collection of luxury scarves, knitwear and ready-to-wear apparel that celebrate textile arts from different eras and geographies while presenting them with sensibilities that resonate with a global luxe lifestyle.