Tamara Hill Studio

San Francisco jewelry designer Tamara Hill's singular creations are composed of rare antique ethnic and tribal artifacts.  These intriguing amulets and pendants, iridescent talismanic shells, polished ancient fossils, earthy minerals and luminous gemstones are gleaned from bazaars around the world and inspired by her travels.  
Tamara Hill Studio jewelry is inventively re-purposed as contemporary treasure pieces that honor and convey the spirit, symbols and magic of many far-flung cultures and the timeless legacy of traditions.  They are adornments to value as personal talismans.  
All of the designs are finished securely with meticulous handwoven and knotted cords, subtly matched clasps or special vintage button closures.
This is elegant "statement" jewelry that truly must be seen, touched and worn.
Ms. Hill herself is a multi-faceted artist, photographer, traveler, art historian, teacher and inveterate collector.  Her designs have been shown at fine crafts shows, in galleries and boutiques throughout California, in Santa Fe and Tucson and at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art and at the prestigious Asia Art Fair in New York.  Her work has been featured in Ornament, the magazine of personal adornment.