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Stushi Gal Style has 24.7k Instagram followers (PDF). Johnnalynn Lynch. April 18, 2016.

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The SF Chronicle (circulation: 223,549 Daily, 286,121 Sunday) “Inspired Luxe site crafts commerce with a conscience, (PDF)” by Carolyne Zinko on June 14th Sunday Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle. 

The Huffington Post (VPM: 33,647,468) describes Inspired Luxe as "handmade wearable art that's ethical and exquisite" in this JULY 20, 2015 article (PDF)

Inspired Luxe artisan Jane Signorelli’s Faceted Pyrite Beads with Pyrite Pendant necklace is featured in the Holiday Gift Guide section of the October issue of Arizona Foothills Magazine. The mention includes a large photo of the beautiful necklace and states: 

“Crafted of faceted pyrite beads with Russian pyritized fossil and a rough pyrite pendant, this necklace ($2,595) by designer Jane Signorelli is one way to get noticed during this year’s holiday happenings. Plus, the pendant can be detached to be worn with a leather or rubber collar or a silver chain."

Inspired Luxe’s Founder and CEO Denise Bradley-Tyson on broadening the definition of entrepreneur, advancing social good, and keeping artisanal traditions alive. Read ONLINE or Download PDF.


Denise Bradley-Tyson of on Going from Film to Fine Art to Feel-Good Fashion. Check out this podcast with Spirit of 608.

On JULY 06, 2015 the (VPM: 726,509) featured an article: “Inspired Luxe Presents Handcrafted Luxury Curated From Master Artists.” (PDF) The piece introduces Denise Bradley-Tyson and provides an overview of the company/brand.

On JULY 10, 2015 Design Indaba (VPM: 352,725) inspires and empowers people to create a better future through design and creativity. This article covers the launch of Inspired Luxe.

We are pleased to share the attached coverage from Inspired Luxe’s launch party that ran in the August 2015 and September 2015 issues (PDFs) of the Nob Hill Gazette, which includes three images from the event.

Denise Bradley-Tyson and notable guests celebrated the launch of the entrepreneur’s new fashion e-commerce site, Inspired Luxe, at a private soiree on May 28 at MatrixFillmore in San Francisco. Read now (PDF).