Welcome to Your World!

Inspired Luxe recognizes that you are defined less by the color of your skin and more by your passions and interests, and especially by your style aesthetic.  Some of you consider your style (tick as many boxes as may apply) Bochic, Boho Chic, Bohemian, Exotic, Tribal, Tropical, Urban Safari, Gypset, Wanderlust, Western, World Beat, Traditional, Magpie, Kinetic, Avant-garde, Artsy or just Crafty. Others of you like to think that your style is indefinable—and rather just represents a melting pot of the many stamps in your passports, a global fusion, happy accidents or calculated cool. However you define your style, we suggest that you love artfully transposing, re-appropriating and re-assembling your shopping finds into your individual personal sense of all that you are. We celebrate the fact that you don’t rely on rules and feels confident wearing jewelry and clothes from and inspired by different cultures, and are very comfortable mixing “high” and “low” jewelry, as long as its quality and/or has cultural resonance.