Carrie Bradshaw's Mexico - Festival Series - Inspired Luxe

Carrie Bradshaw's Mexico - Festival Series

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Four strand oval collar of mint green stained jade faceted rondelles from China, granulate brass floral rings - from Tibet, and inch long golden coated American acrylic drops. Native made orange glass discs - from the African bead trade, also called "vaseline" glass; lead free stamped pewter (30% silver) rondelles & small rounds - from India, who brass heist -Phillipine's. Deep green Hudson Bay Trading rondelles - also called "white hearts" - rom the African trade bead; originating in Czechoslovakia , used for the trade throughout the Western hemisphere since the early 1500's. Brass corners cube end beads - from Thailand, plated furnishings & two-sisters men's pocket watch clasp - USA.