Layered Triplets - Inspired Luxe
Layered Triplets - Inspired Luxe

Layered Triplets

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Three strand bib-style necklace of tubular bauxite beads with side feature of large white agate stone bead.  The bauxite beads are strikingly framed with round brass and red glass trade beads.  A red glass triangular bead is a quiet treasure here. 

Length: 22" Drop: 2.5"

Note: The collectible agate bead is hand carved from Africa; Bauxite, an aluminum ore, is mined in Africa.  The bauxite and agate beads used in this piece are examples of organic materials being used in high-fashion personal adornment designs. Inspired by the designer's sister who gave birth to triplets.

Designed and handmade in Cape Town by Guidemore Chigama. Trained as an engineer Guidemore is self-taught and produces necklaces laden with new patterns, colors and designs of his own. He uses recycled glass and old African trading beads as well as upcycling found objects to create contemporary unique pieces.