• Small City Garden #5 - San Francisco - Inspired Luxe

Small City Garden #5 - San Francisco

Three strand oval collar of howellite rounds tinted trial blue from Africa. Magenta stained faceted jade rounds-China.Carved coral baguettes from China, of Asian waters. Glass blue with white hears, originating in Czechoslovakia from the African bead trade. Lavender tinted jade faceted rondelles-China. Lead free pewter(30% silver) floral stamped hexagons, metal details and end beads - India and China. Plated furnishings and two-sisters mens pocket watch clasp-USA.

A message from the designer: the teal blue how elite will become scuffed with time and wear, adding to its earthly softness and beauty.

Coin: 25 Pyas Burma, c. 1950-60's