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Okapi - Springbok Horn Necklace Pendant & Purse Clip

18-Carat gold plated handmade hardware, Genuine springbok horn sustainably and ethically sourced in Southern Africa. The Springbok horn is one of Okapi's signature design features. Thought of as a good luck charm across Africa, the Springbok horn can be used to accessories your favourite Okapi bag. It also can be worn with a gold chain or leather cord as a necklace.

Okapi was created with a view to being one of Africa’s first true luxury brands. It was founded by South African painter Hanneli Rupert in 2008. She wanted to create a locally produced range of products that would combine exceptional quality and craftsmanship with an international yet uniquely African look and feel. Okapi is named after the elusive antelope otherwise know as the “African Unicorn.

The brand takes influence from an Art Nouveau aesthetic, magic, mysticism and reverence to nature. This design code comes to life in the products which aim to be understated and timeless with form following function, whilst also unique and exotic with details such as the Springbok horns to make them stand out.